What County am I in?

A zipcode is a group of certain numbers which is added to postal address for any county in the world to assist mailing.This zip code is added to postal address for further access. Every county has its own postal code which usually consists of numbers between 3 and 10 digits. For example, in USA a zip code is 5 or 9 numbers, and what county am I in right now, the Canada, possesses postal code with number and letters

What else can I do with the zip code on google map?
 I can find the answer “What county am I in zip code zip?”
 I can find the zip or postal code of any address all over the world.
 I Click a point to find zip code is closest to that point.
 This tool also gives other parts of the address which I can use when needed.

Your current location is:

When I will enter a 5 or 9-digit ZIP Code, google will consequently show me what county am I in right now and the details. I can also enter a city name of what county am I in or any to find zip code of respective area.
Zip code is also known by a 10-digit phone number.
3-digit area code also serves as zip code.
What County am i in Zip Code? US -Postal Code address;
i.The lowest postal code area is 00001. This is the N Dillingham area in Alaska. The highest postal
code area is 99950, which is also in Alaska

The County where am I right now?

Canada,where my zip code is “H0H 0H0” .
Canada is a county in North America.
Structure and buildings of my place where am I right now;
Canada Dock; The dock on the River Mersey with part of the Port of Liverpool.
Canada House; ,which is the Canadian High Commission in London.
Canada House(Berlin); an office building in Berlin, and is primary home of the embassy of Canada to
Canada House, Manchester; an office and former packing warehouse in Manchester, England.
Canada House, Sheffield; an office building in Sheffield, England.
Canada Square Complex; three interconnected official buildings located in Toronto.
Canada Square; and it is a square on Canary Wharf, Docklands, London.
Canada Water; an area in south-east London around the former Canada Dock of the Surrey Commercial
Music of my visiting place;
Canada (band) is an American indie folk-pop band.
Canada (album) contributions of Barb Jungr and Michael Parker.
“Canada” ( song) that is also known as “The Centennial Song” to celebrate Canada’s centennial.
“Canada” (Pilot song), sung by band Pilot.
“C-A-N-A-D-A” one of my favourite song sung by Raffi from the album Bananaphone.
“Canada”,a newly come 2020 song by Australian band Violent Soho from the album Everything Is A-OK.
“Canada”, a 2020 song by Lauv and Alessia Cara from the album How I’m Feeling.
Canada (surname).
Canada Lee (1907–1952), an American actor who pioneered roles for African-Americans.
Which is a Canada Glacier.
Canada Bay,an estuarine bay on the Parramatta River, in Sydney.
Canada (historically);
“Canada” (New France), a French colony along the St. Lawrence River.
“The Canadas”, British colonies.
The united “Province of Canada”, built up from Upper and Lower Canada, which then became Canada
West and Canada East respectively.
“Republic of Canada”, a short-lived entity of what county where am I right now;
United Kingdom;
Canada, a settlement in the parish encompassing “Wellow Hampshire”.
United States;
“Canada,Kansas”, listed as an unincorporated community.
“Canada,Kentucky”,also an unincorporated community.
West Bank;
“Canada Park”, a national park located in the West Bank.
Canada (ship), the name collectively for numerous ships.
“45553 Canada”,a British “LMS Jubilee Class” locomotive.
Canada (LB&SCR no. 47), a London, Brighton and South Coast Railway B4 class 4-4-0 tender locomotive.
“LNER Class A4 4489 Dominion of Canada”, a London and North Eastern Railway 4-6-2 tender

What county am I in APP;

I accessed my live location through apps like Google Map, HopStop, downloaded maps, and NYCBikes linked in with corresponding applications i.e Groupon,Open Table, restaurant apps, and TimeOut NY etc.Mos frequently,I used Google Maps application, which I accessed for my live location and also to discover nearby restaurants, specific shops,markets etc.As this is my experience which I shared, elsewhere all of above mentioned location based sevice provider apps play significant role.

When its about what county am I in the app “Yelp”: we can of course use Yelp all the time, for everything, whether it’s about market place, desired type of restaurant in what county am I right now, and then we can check in and then we can get a free thing or offers and discounts.My personal experience include that I had a significant trust for strangers’ recommendations on the Yelp and when its about me, I will search for like a hundred Yelp reviews before I choose a market place to shop there. Next I used “Foursquare” for both seeking recommendations as well as for memorizing places I visited and liked: Before my visit to what county I am in right now I never ever used this app anymore, but then after setting 2,3tours I realized that I am visiting such cool places, but on the other side I could never guess where they are because the places were too vast.

For instance I do remember which area, but there’s so many streets,so I started to memorize and map where I was going and what I was doing there and tagging what county am I in. I also took advantage of the star recommendation in Google Maps to pin the places of interest.

What county am I in, London;

If being Londoner I ever set my political view, self-determination accountability then I would likely to conclude London as independent city without any country hashtag.So by this it would actually look like following;


As being isolated county, London would possess a population of 8.6 million, that would put ,what county am I in slightly above Austria which is admirable but the traditional work and historical perspective of Australia will be still the above and high.


What county am I in London with solid weight will be on 1.5k square kilometers,hence the newly built up nation would be largerthan Hon Kong and slightly smaller than Comoros,This will be the first addition on google map with this length!.


By this adapt,London would be the seventh most-visited county in the world.Tourist’s number will be higher here than Germany as well as than Brazil.


Capital will be obviously my favourite Turnham Green.

National anthem;

We Londoners may have great interests in music but we wouldverily avoid public singing.There’s no issue for comprehending national anthem for what county am I in London as long as it does not contain a single word.


London being a Capital may have organized Olympics but what county am I in London showed me a football competitive match between father and son,public yoga sessions.So, being Londoner I conclude these activies combined as national game of London country.

WHAT County am I in, UK;

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland commonly reffered to as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain.It is a sovereign country in north-western Europe.


Its Climate include severe weather.Climate changes from cool to cloudy in a single day many times.Generally UK is cloudy and rainy County.The temperature varies with climate changes dropping below −20 °C or rising above 35 °C.


The United Kingdom is ruled by constitutional monarchy system. “Queen Elizabeth II” is the monarch

,the head of state of what county am I in, as well as 15 other independent countries. These 16 countries are collectively known as “Commonwealth realms”.Boris Johnson is the Prime minister of UK which

belongs to “Conservative Party”, one of political parties of UK.

Famous for;

The Scientific revolution of what county am I in,UK;

United Kingdom has produced many scientists of all times. Like Isaac Newton who proposed laws of motion and gravity illumination. Charles Darwin who stated theory of evolution by natural selection. Penicillin discovered by the Alexander Fleming, Francis Crick proposed DNA model,a scientist of what county am I in, UK.

Resturants,Shops & Super markets of what county am I in right now;

I have plenty of options here that where to shop and eat.

Depending on what I often like to eat and where would I live in what county am I in UK, I can easily choose to shop at supermarkets, specialty and International stores. Some shops offered me discounts here, as discounts for students. So being on a budget , I obtained student card and International Student Identity card, so the discount.

I have had many of places to choose for party plans with friends as well as for a casual meal. What county am I in, has the best restaurants in the world which contain variety of budgets as well as of taste buds.

The British Traditions I Experienced In The UK;

  • British Morris
  • British Maypole
  • Bog
  • A British Bonfire
  • English Cheese

WHAT County am I in, Ohio;

The county of Ohio is named after the River Ohio.” Ohio” name is generally used by Iroquois Indians when referring to the respective river which means for “large” or “beautiful” river.

Cultural life;

During phases of settlement, most settlers adopted the architectural styles they had previously known in their houses-in New England.Variations in building styles occurred time to tim,and these include Federal style,Georgian style,Greek,Gothic styles,American style etc. modifiedthe Middle Atlantic states, Kentucky, and the South.

What County am I in is great land among the world for its “ Cleveland Orchestra” and the “Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra”. Here The Blossom Music Center present which is located between Cleveland and Akron and include Cleveland Orchestra. Likewise Cincinnati’s Riverbend Music Center is located on

the Ohio River and serves as the summer needs of the Cincinnati Ohio include regional orchestras also.In addition to its orchestras and institutions for classical music learning, Ohio also accounts

for popular music traditions, such as illustrated by the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum”, which organizes concerts and exhibitions for the past and present luminaries of rock and roll music.

The “ Cleveland Museum of Art” is marked among the earliest art galleries of what county am I in, and those in Cincinnati, Toledo, Youngstown, and Columbus also have major collections. Many historical places and museums are maintained by the state.

Ohio arranges county’s largest state fairs, and each state here has an annual fair. Other famous gatherings involve the “Ohio Hills Folk Festival”, a summer event in Quaker City, the “River Days Festival”, organizes in Portsmouth by the start of September. The “ Jackson County Apple Festival”, arranges in Jackson in middle of September and the “Circleville Pumpkin Show” is celebrated in October. The last one show I attended in what county am I in right now.

What County am I in,North Corea(NC);

In a world which has become global village, there exists a county that have no access to internet.This is the limitation set by Government .However connection to the world exists through Government permission and only for government authorities. The people living in big cities can access only Kwangmyong, a closed domestic network!.

Fortunately, the government of what county am I in ,has enabled 3G access for foreigner tourists,recently.

North Korea’s ruling dynasty was set by the Founder Kim II Sung.He was considered as “Sun” of what county am I in, NC.Hence the sun holds weather control here.

WHAT County am I in, Alabama;

2,405 feet high Cheaha Mountain is highest point of Alabama, above sea level. “Alabama” is the official song which I have enjoyed many times.

The state is known for natural resources of Iron and Steel.

Alabama’s people represent southern hospatility and the thing I liked here was a sweet tea offer by a lay man.Other experiences of What county am I in, Alabama include variety of food,including fresh Gulf seafood, delic